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Welcome to Double Black Diamond Offroad

About us

We offer the best catering service and barbecues for your events. The quality of our products is guaranteed. We have catering and banquets for weddings,graduations, Business Events, Inaugurations, End of the Year company parties and Social Celebrations of all kinds. To grant satisfaction to our clients, we always take care of all the details, because although


Be minimal, they can be the difference between a normal event and a spectacular one. We offer you the best catering and banquet service in California. Our experience in banquets and catering will make your guests fully satisfied and that will be our success. We are a company committed and experienced in the field of gastronomy and preparation of high level events.

Social Event

We bring to your event the best flavor accompanied by the best cuts whether they are in Argentine grills and northern grills. Argentine Parrilladas Class, style, flavor and excellent presentation is what our cuts offer you which are to ask for. Northern grills. We bring to you all the flavor of the northern part of the country, accompanied by the best products so that your guests get the best impression of you. We are more than a catering … Social events: You tell us what you need and we make it incredibly spectacular. Our banquets and catering are designed to give you and your guests


the best flavor, dare to try us and we assure you that you will recommend us !.


Political Events: Offers a fresh and different image with our catering service, extensive menu. We cover any sector or organization. We are professionals. We have the formula to win even the most demanding palate and so you win.


Corporate Events: Granting exclusivity and good image is fundamental in a catering and banqueting service and through time we have perfected it to make each event an epic moment. With our menus your guests will feel so comfortable that they will make the best decision and your meetings will be a success.


We have corporate catering.


Double Black Diamond Off Road has its own headquarters in California, with fully equipped industrial kitchens of more than 1,000 square meters and various tableware, tableware and household items to meet all demands.

The staff consists of a team of commercial, chefs, maîtres and professional waiters, with long experience in the catering sector and prepared to meet the wishes of our customers. Because they will put all the love in making your event something unique. And, what differentiates us, we have our own set design team so that each assembly is remembered by the guests for its originality and the unforgettable staging.

We make innovative and creative cuisine, but we understand creative from a good spice of sardines served at a wedding to a stand of brochettes in show-cooking in front of the guests. Everything has a place in our kitchens and our specialty is to surprise the guests even with the most traditional dishes that you can imagine.

Double Black Diamond Off Road offers banquet service, with avant-garde dishes and creative cocktails, it is our greatest pleasure to express the soul of your event in each dish we serve at the table of your guests.

In each event that we attend, we care about taking care of every detail, that is why our banquets are totally unique and specially created for your celebration. All our banquets are designed by our chef, who hand in hand with his team of Double Black Diamond Off Road, he puts special attention in shaping your ideas in every bite.

The concept of Double Black Diamond Off Road, allows us to serve fully customized banquets, can be small events of two people, or celebrations of up to a thousand people, for which besides the banquet service we offer cocktail parties, thematic events, snacks, and any idea what can you imagine?

In Double Black Diamond Off Road we want to make your request of hand, wedding, anniversaries or birthday not only the best event, but your best memory.

What services should the catering company include?

Each time a client hires the catering for an event, he analyzes aspects such as the setting of the menu, the originality of the dishes or the amounts to be served. However, there are aspects that the catering company must cover, which are fundamental for the quality of service, but which are “behind the scenes” and therefore are not usually taken into account.


For example:


Advice, planning and direction of the service: the client does not have to know how many portions there are to provide for his guests to be satisfied, how to organize the times between courses, or how to calculate the amount of drink. It is the responsibility of the catering service to deal with or advise on these issues, as well as propose alternatives within the framework of what the client wants to offer, and their economic possibilities.


Survey of space, by qualified personnel. When choosing the venue where the event will take place, does someone enter the kitchen to see the available infrastructure? Probably not. It is important to know previously with what machinery (refrigerators, freezers, grills, type of kitchen and amount of burners) and work space counts the place, so that the moment the chef and his team do not take surprises. Many times you have to move electric or gas ovens, to install according to safety and technical requirements.


Arming, disarming and subsequent cleaning of the service area. After the work is finished, it is important that the catering company deals with the dismantling and cleaning of the sector. This becomes very important when the show organizes more than one event during the day.

Equipment: linens, glassware, cutlery, crockery, ice, soft drinks. The catering provider must take care of the provision and transfer of all these supplies, as well as ensuring that the drinks arrive cold, if applicable.


Coordinator, waiters, armed personnel, kitchen staff. The catering service must take care to provide the necessary amount of personnel to carry out the work in an adequate manner. This also includes providing the training necessary for its proper performance. In general in the cocktails there must be a waiter every 10 guests.


Insurance of the staff. In general, it is unknown who contracts the catering service is co-responsible or “jointly responsible”, in case the staff suffers an accident or injury. This means that if the waiters or cooks, for example, burn or accident and do not have insurance to cover work accidents, they can sue the company they worked for at that time and the client who hired them.

Transport of gastronomy: it is essential to maintain the cold chain to take care of the quality of the ingredients. It is important to know that there are services that include the transport of the dishes and their components only for a certain radius of km.


Obviously, only the quality and variety of dishes reach the final customer. But it is convenient to take into account what is “behind the curtain”, to be able to demand from the catering provider some details that make the good quality of service.


Argentine food


For lovers of good barbecues, we offer you the best of the Argentine cuts in their free fork, which are roasted at their precise point and on a slow fire in grills and Argentine professional spits. We use charcoal and mesquite and oak firewood, which gives that unique flavor to the meat.


Enjoy exquisite cuts prepared to the point you want, accompanied by a succulent salad and pasta of the house as well as its complements.


Convinced that your event is totally different, we will be always taking care that both you and host, as well as your guests are always comfortable and well cared for, that’s why we have prepared our barbecue package consisting of grills consisting of all the best options of Argentinean cuisine.

Northern grills


We are in the division specializing in Argentine grills and cuts which is pleased to take you to your event, be it Civil or Religious Wedding, Graduation, 1st. Communion, or any Social, Business, Corporate, Political (mass) or Film event, a delicious northern barbecue.

More than a barbecue is a show that will awaken the senses of your guests.

Make your event an event you will never forget, your guests will thank you.

We have grills from basic to meat matured for 21 days (Extra Gourmet), which gives its unique flavor and extreme texture.


We are convinced that your next election will be with Double Black Diamond Off Road, contact us and an event planner will assist you and advise you, we can offer you from the grill to the total production of your event.